Monday, June 13, 2011

Still Life Painting Class!

This summer I'm taking 5 classes at the Guild. One of them is "Painting the Still Life" with instructor Nicole Duet. The first day of class was awesome...because Nicole is one of the best painting teachers I've ever had! She's so sweet and kind, but also so good at what she does. To top it all off, however, she actually teaches much more than many other instructors do. She gave us a long demo in the morning and explained everything she was doing--from which brushes and paints she used, how she set up her canvas, how often and when she used her mediums, what mediums to use, how much of them to use, etc etc etc.

Her clear explanation of a lot of the basics of painting was like a breath of fresh air! It was really refreshing to hear someone explain WHY we paint the way we do, and how to do some of the things that I'd only SEEN other instructors do but never learned how or why to do them myself.

Anyways, here was a quick value study of a couple of lemons. Enjoy.

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