Thursday, January 24, 2013

But where be the rum?!

Ahoy, matey!

Take a gander through yer lookin' glass, and see! Yon there be another one o' them pirate ships!
Seems like I can never escape the pirate motif...haha, but then again, why would I want to?

This art is a sampling of pirate ships that I designed on behalf of Graham Oyoung, who is busy creating a wonderful animated thesis film for his final year at USC. The film stars father, son, and a homemade pirate ship consisting of household items!

His thesis is coming along really well--his story is clever and cute at the same time, he's got an excellent board artist on his team, and he's put together a great animatic of what's to come.
Check out his animatic here!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Graham, and I'm so excited to see how the final film turns out, ship and all!

...and because this is a film about a child, there will, sadly, be no rum. Yarrr!

Here's the silhouette we worked off of (trying to combine household objects into something shipshape), and a construction sketch showing the shapes fitting together:

And a final drawing:

And this last sketch is one of several alternate designs, in which we explored different types of attitudes for the boat to have...this one was "whimsical, endearing, slow". Something about the droopiness of the sails and the momentum of the boat almost seeming to go backward...haha!

Sculpey Fun

My dear friend Amanda just recently got married, and she and her husband asked me to make the wedding cake toppers for her...two golden retrievers doggies walking through the snowy forest!

They are both dog lovers, and sent me reference photos of their two lovely golden retrievers to capture the personality!

Then the baker added them to a snowy scene on top of the gluten- egg- and dairy- free cake...a masterpiece of baking, if you ask me!

Here is a pic of the dog sculpture after coming out of the oven (it's sculpey), sitting on my MacBook, for scale:

And here they are with a coat of fresh paint:

And lastly, the glaze! I love sculpey takes boring old plastic clay and makes it look like real ceramic! Haha, and it's WAY easier than buying a kiln ;)

Here they are, glazed, on top of the cake:

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Lost Fraulein

Yes, she belongs with the other characters from Mark McDonnell's gesture drawing class from 2012, but she was lost in the shuffle of papers decorating my bedroom floor.
Now, finally, she resurfaces.


1-2 min poses:

5-10 min poses: