Thursday, October 23, 2014

Let's Play in Leopard Print!

Today Franny and I went on a walking adventure around Old Town. But I had just been using my flatiron, flour (!), and enough hairspray to patch the ozone layer to try to get my hair looking like Elsa from Frozen. She's my Halloween costume this year, and I need to tease this normally whip-straight dark blonde mop into something marshmallow-white and floofy! Well, floofy might not be the right word. Fiesty? Yes. Fiesty.

Insert teasing comb. Ad nauseum. Now mix in enough flour to make my hair the envy of every polar bear. Snow white. Delicious.

The point is, I wasn't in the mood to shower (surprise surprise), but I couldn't go out in public looking like a wampa. So I threw one of my Grandma's old scarves on my head and called it passable.

THEN it was like "Well if we're gonna dress like crazy lunatics we might as well go all out!"
So the two of us had fun dressing up kinda wonky, then waltzed around Old Town Pasadena for about 3 hours just kickin' it.

Then it happened…we stumbled upon this dangerously good sale at Cotton On and I found the perfect match for my crazy outfit--a dolman-sleeve leopard print sweater. It was love, and it only cost $10.

So then I doodled up what I (wish I) looked like this afternoon. Teehee:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Drawing again? WHAAAAT?? And of course it's Chris Sanders who got me going...

Ok. I have no explanation as to why I got into a super intense drawing mood late this evening…after not picking up a pencil for months. Ah well, why question it?

Anyways, perhaps all it takes to get me into a creative mood is to copy two or three of Chris Sanders' exceptional sketches. That's what I did, then BAM! I wanna draaaaawww!

When I copy another artist's work, it's like drinking a large glass of their style. It's in me! I then draw until it drains out of me bit by bit. (Hopefully I retain SOMETHING…)
You can see that this first sketch is a lot more Sanders-y in it's style, proportions, subject matter (wink), etc.
The second one - the ballerina - is more me combining the Sanders influence with some other things in my artistic repertoire. More 'me' I suppose. Meh.