Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bath and Body Works

So yeah, I'm currently a Co-Manager at one of the 1500 BBW stores in America. Guess which one?
Aside from all the fun I have with my customers, (Which, let me tell you, is a LOT of fun) my hours at BBW fuel my artistic inspiration.

Imagine spending all day surrounded by bright colors, mood-setting music, and custom marketing all designed to convey simple and powerful messages. Now inhale deeply...ahhhh. Those are the handcrafted fragrances designed by master perfumers to capture a things such as the freshness of a juicy piece of fruit during the summer, the softness of fresh snowflakes in the winter, or the depth of a woman's vitality.

I had to do something!
I'm currently working on a series of paper sculptures inspired by each BBW "Signature Collection" women's fragrance. Each fragrance has a 'personality', and so does each sculpture. In the sculpture, I try to capture all that the fragrance is meant to convey in a design that is simple, yet unique enough to clearly point back to its specific fragrance.

Here's the first: Beautiful Day.

Beautiful day is a blend of juicy green apple, dewy pear, soft pink peonies, and daisies. The fragrance was designed to capture the joy of a perfect summer's day, when everything around you feels heavenly.

And another lighting angle, so you can see how different something like a paper sculpture can look depending on the way it's lit. I love how 3D art relies on its environment so much. It's not finished without my desklamp being switched on. Ha!

Again, if you're at all interested in this type of art, please check out my first and last love, the art of Brittney Lee. I could rant and rave for pages, but I'll spare you. Just check her out.

Can you tell I like my job much?
Someone save me...

Butterflies and X-acto Knives

Something fun to pass the time...cutting out tiny butterfly silhouettes from white cardstock.
I put some on a gift I wrapped for my sister:

And I used the rest, plus the sheet I cut them from, to make this angsty collage using a magazine page I found in my pile of papers:

Wow...that black is just overwhelming!