Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hem Me In

Here's a new piece.
It's my interpretation of one of my favorite Bible passages. I've just been enjoying this same verse for like, 6 months now...

Psalm 139: "You hem me in, behind and before. You have laid your hand upon me."
Talking about God :)

This is probably one of the many, many nights I made ramen for dinner...or mac 'n cheese.
But God still loves me despite my failure as a chef!

A New Dress

Yes yes, I know, I've been gone for a while.

I'm not starting at Art Center until January! Why, you ask? Before I start the crazy adventure of art school, I decided to take some time to let my inner artist relax, stretch out, and wiggle her toes in the sand for a few months...and then I'll be ready to jump into the rapids!

Other newsflash!
My printer died, taking my only way of scanning art with it. There's actually a huge stash of art sitting around waiting to be posted. Alas, will we ever see it online?
Until then, digital art only :(

Here's a sketch, inspired by Brittney Lee (what isn't?) and featuring a dress I bought at Goodwill for 8 dollars! YES 8 DOLLARS! HAHAHAHA!
Anyways, enjoy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Fair Lady

For this week at Gesture Drawing, you can see a clear progression in the drawings I did, since I stayed in the same medium the whole time.

The first few are more realistic, and I'm working out what the costume looks like, etc.
These ones look more like life-drawings:

After a while, I started experimenting more with the costume and contrast, and doing more character and story-based drawings. I could see how this kind of process would be helpful with character design...once you get comfortable with simply drawing a character's costumes and proportions, it would be easy to pose them and work with story.

Conan the Barbarian!

An excellent model this week at Mark's. His costume changed from Barbarian to pirate to gangster-in-a-speedo...?

10 minutes:

2 minutes:

5 minutes:

Monday, April 30, 2012



Gesture Drawing at the Races

Since we couldn't fit an actual horse into the room, except for all the ones we were sitting on (art student joke hawhaw), we drew the jockey instead:

Palm Beach

For Will's class, we had to design a beach dwelling constructed by castaway French children during the 16th century...random!
Anyways, such seemingly random stipulations always make for fun combinations of ideas, and I ended up designing a couple different palm-tree-tents made from broken ship piece-parts.

The first one was inspired by the shape of the Eiffel Tower (which worked with the story until I realized that the tower wasn't around in the 16th century...)

Will's helpful feedback was that both the ship's wheel and the crow's nest were acting as focal points, and battled for primacy. The eye didn't know where to rest on this design.

To fix the problem, I chose to focus the eye on the crow's nest, and used upward-facing triangles and the smooth lines of tattered sails to help the eye skim over the bottom of the fort.
(Oh and also not finishing that part of the drawing definitely helps it look less interesting...haha)

And here's a sketch of the tent on the beach...complete with the castaway's abandoned lifeboat in the foreground. This one has yet to be painted, but who knows when that'll happen...


My dad loves to say "Rockin!"
So that's the title of this post.

These are some rock sketches I did to warm up for the Dino Dig layout posted earlier. I had no idea how to draw rocks...and then I came across the Animation Backgrounds blog...and found some amazing reference. After some copying, these are some of my shape ideas for the rocks in the cave.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dinosaurs! EEP!

Yet another project that's been languishing on my floor//hard drive...Haha! This one is a layout for Will in which we had to have USC students from the 1890's (Yes, you heard me) discovering dino skeletons underground. Good stuff.

Anyways, this is just the rough. It was going to be the final, haha, but then Will went over now it's a rough. Final to come ;)

I did the inks by hand with a paintbrush and India ink...craziness. I was inspired by Munuera (see previous posts), and wanted to try a new medium. It was easier than I expected, but I'm still uncomfortable with the ink and I hesitate to use deep blacks.
That's why, without the color, the ink just looks confusing--it's hard to read depth and distance since it's a ton of lines without a lot of shadow. So using blacks intelligently is next on my list of learning!

Here are the inks:

Notice how all the lines point to the focal point? I was practicing "Subordination by radiation"...and was being VERY obvious about it! A compositional device, you basically line EVERYTHING up to point towards a central point. Notice how all the dinosaurs point to the kids? And how all the rocks point to the kids? And how the dinosaur's HAND points to the kids? And how the...okay I'll stop.

And here's a basic tonal with some color layers added for...I don't know, excitement? haha too busy to actually paint it in color :(

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Island Time!

The model for this week's class with Mark McDonnell was a Hawaiian, and gave us some great poses!

Aaaand for this one, all I had to do to finish the drawing was the girl's hands...but I was SO lazy that I just scanned it like this. Ha! 

Girls from the Land and Sea

More gesture drawing: After warming up, I spent a little more time on a few sketches having some fun...
Mark showed me how to use my toned paper a little more effectively, to highlight or create contrast.

Gesture Drawing--Muscle Beach Grandpa

We had a GREAT model at Mark's class a few weeks ago.
I did more than these, but here's some of the sketches that I threw together:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

NEWS! And a small sketch...

SO tonight I had something waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home:

Haha, I was very excited. Especially so because, before mounting the stairs to my doorway, I stopped at my mailbox and pulled out a very small, boring-looking envelope from Art Center, and immediately started running through possible disaster-response options in my head. Turns out the other envelope was a random letter from the financial aid office...


So what's up with art?
Hmm. LOTS! I've been doing a TON of work lately, but don't have time to upload it. I'll do it all next week, but hopefully this little sketch will be distracting enough until then:

It's an homage to one of my favorite artists, Jose Luis Munuera.
I recently picked up his book, "La Signe de la Lune" and was thoroughly inspired by his amazing inks and coloring, plus his downright fantastic drawing!

Here's a sample page of his work: