Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Fair Lady

For this week at Gesture Drawing, you can see a clear progression in the drawings I did, since I stayed in the same medium the whole time.

The first few are more realistic, and I'm working out what the costume looks like, etc.
These ones look more like life-drawings:

After a while, I started experimenting more with the costume and contrast, and doing more character and story-based drawings. I could see how this kind of process would be helpful with character design...once you get comfortable with simply drawing a character's costumes and proportions, it would be easy to pose them and work with story.

Conan the Barbarian!

An excellent model this week at Mark's. His costume changed from Barbarian to pirate to gangster-in-a-speedo...?

10 minutes:

2 minutes:

5 minutes: