Monday, April 30, 2012

Palm Beach

For Will's class, we had to design a beach dwelling constructed by castaway French children during the 16th century...random!
Anyways, such seemingly random stipulations always make for fun combinations of ideas, and I ended up designing a couple different palm-tree-tents made from broken ship piece-parts.

The first one was inspired by the shape of the Eiffel Tower (which worked with the story until I realized that the tower wasn't around in the 16th century...)

Will's helpful feedback was that both the ship's wheel and the crow's nest were acting as focal points, and battled for primacy. The eye didn't know where to rest on this design.

To fix the problem, I chose to focus the eye on the crow's nest, and used upward-facing triangles and the smooth lines of tattered sails to help the eye skim over the bottom of the fort.
(Oh and also not finishing that part of the drawing definitely helps it look less interesting...haha)

And here's a sketch of the tent on the beach...complete with the castaway's abandoned lifeboat in the foreground. This one has yet to be painted, but who knows when that'll happen...

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