Thursday, October 9, 2014

Drawing again? WHAAAAT?? And of course it's Chris Sanders who got me going...

Ok. I have no explanation as to why I got into a super intense drawing mood late this evening…after not picking up a pencil for months. Ah well, why question it?

Anyways, perhaps all it takes to get me into a creative mood is to copy two or three of Chris Sanders' exceptional sketches. That's what I did, then BAM! I wanna draaaaawww!

When I copy another artist's work, it's like drinking a large glass of their style. It's in me! I then draw until it drains out of me bit by bit. (Hopefully I retain SOMETHING…)
You can see that this first sketch is a lot more Sanders-y in it's style, proportions, subject matter (wink), etc.
The second one - the ballerina - is more me combining the Sanders influence with some other things in my artistic repertoire. More 'me' I suppose. Meh.


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