Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sculpey Fun

My dear friend Amanda just recently got married, and she and her husband asked me to make the wedding cake toppers for her...two golden retrievers doggies walking through the snowy forest!

They are both dog lovers, and sent me reference photos of their two lovely golden retrievers to capture the personality!

Then the baker added them to a snowy scene on top of the gluten- egg- and dairy- free cake...a masterpiece of baking, if you ask me!

Here is a pic of the dog sculpture after coming out of the oven (it's sculpey), sitting on my MacBook, for scale:

And here they are with a coat of fresh paint:

And lastly, the glaze! I love sculpey takes boring old plastic clay and makes it look like real ceramic! Haha, and it's WAY easier than buying a kiln ;)

Here they are, glazed, on top of the cake:

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