Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Composition!

Will often points out that people whose strength is in their drawing tend to ignore the compositional needs of their layouts and rely on their draftsmanship to "sell" their piece. As I looked over some of my work from his class last semester, I realized that I was definitely guilty of that offense.

I often get so into the drawing that I stop thinking about proportions, eyepaths, entrance and exit points, abstract shapes, and I decided that this second time I'm taking Will's class (this time at the Guild), I'm going to focus solely on understanding and using simple graphic shapes to drive my compositions, even if that leaves less time for fancy drawing.

Argh, learning is hard!

Some compositional studies inspired by Paul Lasaine's abstract sketches (see his blog). He is such an amazing painter and draftsman, and yet he still spends time doodling abstract compositions on napkins in restaurants just to practice.

A New Hope:

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