Saturday, June 25, 2011

Padme Inspired Fashion Sketches

As you can tell, the amazing art of Star Wars has been on my mind a lot lately--especially that of the amazing Iain McCaig. After perusing my collection of Padme concept art, I got inspired to do some fashion sketches of my own. Since I'm thinking of sewing my own clothes this summer, some of these might actually see the daylight, especially this first one:

 Here's a dramatic evening gown for Padme, complete with a couple of potential hairstyles to match:

Here are some experiments with shape and texture:

See this amazing sketch by Dermot Power (A Star Wars concept artist)??  --->

It inspired a slew of dresses based on a similar shape, some of which I might try to sew:

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  1. OMG! I love these Padme-inspired sketches. Do you ever do fashion design commissions? I'm trying to come up with a beautiful sheer dress design that will look elegant over a bathing suit and I love the draping yet shapely effects of Padme's lake dress.