Thursday, May 5, 2011

SPECIAL TREAT! Collected Viz Dev from great artists!

Ok so the other Day I was explaining to my sis, Meg, what visual development (vis dev/viz dev) is, and I ended up compiling a PDF for her with some of my favorite examples.

I wanted to post this up here so you all could enjoy this goodness, too.

The tangled stuff is some of my favorite, and that first painting is my desktop background (and forever will be...). I wanted to include some art from movies that everyone will recognize, so that the connection between the art and the finished product is clear. Thus, I put in mosty Tangled, Ratatouille, Prince of Egypt, and Kung Fu Panda. (The Ratatouille stuff isn't my favorite art, per se, but it's helpful to see it there).

I also included some excellent character design model sheets from Nico Marlet, to give a picture of what character design can be.

Aaaand just for fun I included some AMAZING concept art from Iain McCaig for Padme's outfits in Star Wars. Couldn't resist.

Enjoy this amazingness!

Vis Dev Demo

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