Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mouse Architecture Thumbnails

The final assignment for Will's class this semester is "Mouse Architecture from Around the World". The locations we can choose from are Egypt, Paris, Japan or China, and Hollywood.

For this project I've been having trouble generating ideas that I really like. Maybe because it's so close to the end of the semester, and I'm drained. (As I write this I'm supposed to be finishing an overdue paper...)

Anyhoo, I was experimenting with a few, such as:
Grauman's Chinese Theater made from Chinese takeout boxes and untensils
Mice burying a dead "Pharoah" mouse in a mouse-made pyramid, replete with trash for treasure
A mouse-sized bakery in the trash heaps of Paris

Since I was struggling for inspiration, I did literally dozens of thumbnails. These are just a few of the more clearly readable ones (A lot of the others were just scribbles that meant something in my head...)!
More on this project soon.


  1. what medium did you use to shade your first and second thumbnail?

  2. Prismacolor markers:

    warm black
    70% gray
    30% gray