Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cave Lighting Keys

In preparation for submitting my portfolio to Disney, I did up some quick tonal paintings of my cavern layout, showing a different lighting scheme in each one. The idea came from Will--he mentioned that a student of his did this for 4 different layouts, with 4 different lighting schemes for each, and that it got him an internship at Pixar. I think the idea is to show that you can light a composition from any which way you choose...demonstrate versatility, etc.

I like how, using only light and shadow, you can communicate three completely different ideas, or moods, through the same layout.

Full painting to come later...


  1. Oh my gosh Emily! You're applying to work for Disney? How didn't i know that? That's amazing! And so are these!

  2. OMG...these are amazing, Em! Wow, it's amazing how lighting/shading can turn the same scene into 3 different things!! Good luck with Disney :) I'm sure they'll love your portfolio!