Sunday, July 31, 2011

Speed Still Life!

Last week in Nicole's class we ended early, so we only had 2 hours. Since painting faster or limiting my amount of time has seemed to produce more fresh-looking paintings for me, I decided to try to paint a large chunk of the set-up as fully as I could.
I was actually surprised at how much I got done. Then again, there's not too much detail. Ah well, I did learn a lot with this one.

I like to think that this is a courtroom scene taking place among the objects. The vase is the judge, the plate of fruit the jury, and the lone peach in the blue bowl is the witness on the stand. The yellow vase and the white jar are the lawyers, and the red apple is the defendant. They're all arguing fiercely as the three lemon up in the audience are gossiping about whether or not he's guilty.

I ended up using only a corner of the huge canvas, and I kind of like the way nothing blends into something:

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  1. wait... you did that in two hours? That's incredible