Friday, April 18, 2014

Birds of a Feather Gettin' Together!

My beautiful cousin, Gloria, just married the most fabulous over-sit-foot man ever…Phillip!
Together, they have way more spunk than the universe knows what to do with.
Understandably, they had to have an AMAZING wedding!
And they did. The entire reception venue was a hand-built "enchanted forest" complete with real bark lining the walls, a lighted entrance tunnel made of young evergreen boughs, and mossy accents to complete the ethereal picture.

I was recruited to make the cake topper--two little love-birds nesting together. (Gloria has always had a thing for Disney birds…)

Having discovered bread-clay as the next best thing to actually eating bread, I ventured forth:

And here's the gorgeous couple about to enjoy their birdie-topped cake amidst the enchanted greenery:

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