Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dinosaurs! EEP!

Yet another project that's been languishing on my floor//hard drive...Haha! This one is a layout for Will in which we had to have USC students from the 1890's (Yes, you heard me) discovering dino skeletons underground. Good stuff.

Anyways, this is just the rough. It was going to be the final, haha, but then Will went over now it's a rough. Final to come ;)

I did the inks by hand with a paintbrush and India ink...craziness. I was inspired by Munuera (see previous posts), and wanted to try a new medium. It was easier than I expected, but I'm still uncomfortable with the ink and I hesitate to use deep blacks.
That's why, without the color, the ink just looks confusing--it's hard to read depth and distance since it's a ton of lines without a lot of shadow. So using blacks intelligently is next on my list of learning!

Here are the inks:

Notice how all the lines point to the focal point? I was practicing "Subordination by radiation"...and was being VERY obvious about it! A compositional device, you basically line EVERYTHING up to point towards a central point. Notice how all the dinosaurs point to the kids? And how all the rocks point to the kids? And how the dinosaur's HAND points to the kids? And how the...okay I'll stop.

And here's a basic tonal with some color layers added for...I don't know, excitement? haha too busy to actually paint it in color :(

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