Monday, July 4, 2011

Character Sketch for my next layout

In Will's class at the guild, I'm doing the "She walked into her grandfather's workshop and saw the most amazing kite she had ever seen" assignment. Haha I love how he gives the same ones out to all his students, no matter where they're from. And the best part is that they all turn out REALLY differently!

Anyways, I was tossing around ideas for the setting, mood, props, and character in the layout, and landed on (possibly) a bitter 20-something woman cleaning out the deserted workshop of her long-dead grandfather. He had a tough life, and she's cleaning up the mess. But what's that, in the corner? She discovers something truly beautiful that he left behind. It's going to be an exciting, wondrous moment when she finally realizes that her grandpa actually had something to offer through his art.

Anyways here's a quick sketch of what she might look like. I'm diggin' the dreads.


  1. love the dreadlocks! she looks so badass haha.

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